Nadra Ann Pitt

I have lived at Town Village for four years and have made many good friends. Each day an activity is available and if I care to I can participate. I have no problems at all with mechanical maintenance for my apartment, and the weekly housekeeping is a wonderful and welcome help to me. I did not look forward to a change in my lifestyle when it became necessary to give up my own home, but this community where I have a spacious and beautiful apartment has now become my home. The location of Town Village is such an asset to our residents. Come visit us at Town Village.





             Howard & Marilyn Hummel

We never dreamed that we would be this happy and content in an apartment. The design of the entire building, floor plan, overall appearance, and landscaping all contribute to a positive experience for us. And especially the wonderful staff- professional, yet warm and friendly, complete this very desirable home.



                    Anna Lee Hunt
I have lived at Town Village for three years and my life as a resident here is exactly what I need and want in order to be a happy contented person. We have comfortable and dependable transportation for shopping, medical needs, and special outings. The housekeeping help and the well equipped, convenient laundry facilities make it easy to maintain my apartment. The dining room staff is congenial and hard working. All in all, this is a lovely place to live. As the old Kem-tone Paint commercial says, “It may not be perfect, but it’s pretty near perfect”. And I absolutely love having it for my home and I thank God for putting me here.






               Ben and Dorothy Little
We have lived at Town Village since March 2, 2006. We love it. If you want some fun activities they’re here!

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